Our Team

Leadership Team

Our team is lean, loyal, and local. That matters to us, because it makes our company strong. It matters to our customers because it is the foundation for the trust that we strive to build with them every day. With each pickup and dropoff, conversation and email, and every time we roll-up our sleeves together and figure out how to solve their next challenge, we know we’re helping them meet their goals and achieve success. And that matters.

Team mike james

Michael James


“I believe that our long-term reputation is based upon the success of how we treat our people. We have an excellent service and support staff, and tenure that tops industry standards."

Team mark riggs

Mark Riggs


“I strive daily to be a good steward for FIREPROOF because I truly believe our most important asset is our employees. How they manage to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations inspires me to do my best every day”.

Team matt postletwait

Matt Postlethwait

Director of Sales and Marketing

"The passion for customer service across the entire Fireproof team is what separates us from our competition. The culture that has been created at Fireproof is transferred to our customers on a daily basis."

Team mistie mcmillan

Mistie McMillin

Director of Administrative Services

“After 15 years with Fireproof, receiving phone calls about our superior level of service is still amazing to me. It speaks to our people, our values and our dedication to providing excellent service to our customers.”

Team mike sayer

Mike Sayer

Director of Operations

"Exceeding our customers’ expectations is one of the greatest rewards of my position with Fireproof."

Team lorne sykora

Lorne Sykora

IT Director

"There’s never a dull moment when your job is to provide the tools (technology) that allow each of our departments, as well as our customers, to work at their most efficient level.”

Team ben katz

Ben Katz

Director of Professional Services

"Showing people how they can utilize technology to overcome challenges creates exciting experiences every day. Helping our customers succeed in their goals is the most rewarding part of my position at Fireproof.”

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