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As part of your selection process, you should evaluate a partners ability to provide your patients with the best quality service.

What should a retiring physician do with their medical records to ensure security, compliance, and accessibility to patient information is maintained? In compliance with HIPAA regulations, retiring physicians must assign a custodian of records to manage release of information (ROI) for patients moving forward. Continuity of care for your patient’s records will help protect your practice from legal risks or financial penalties.

Proper records management and management of your ROI process are crucial factors in making sure you maintain regulatory compliance. With a proven process in place, you can regulate protected health information (PHI) disclosure, follow policy regulations, document ROI, and streamline the ROI process overall. Additionally, integrating the ROI process with your records creates a centralized approach, rather than accessing your records in one location and processing ROI in another. Partnering with an experienced vendor will help you avoid any potential records management pitfalls.

A qualified vendor should:

Choosing Fireproof Makes Your Process Worry-Free

Fireproof can securely manage your patient medical records, provide instant accessibility, and ensure compliance procedures are in place. Fireproof has years of experience efficiently managing the ROI process and providing best-in-class service to patients.

Fireproof offers a full portfolio of health information management services, including:

  • Secure storage of paper and electronic medical records for the prescribed retention period
  • Digital scanning and conversion from paper to electronic files for easy and instant retrieval
  • Data backup and data protection solutions
  • Certified Destruction of records as retention periods expire
  • Effective management of the Release of Information process
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