A Message from Fireproof

Dear Fireproof Client,
We appreciate the trust you place in our team when you need records and information management solutions. Fireproof takes this responsibility seriously. In the present environment, all of us need to conduct business smarter and more consciously. Fireproof’s number one priority is staying focused on doing what we can to protect our clients and team members while we continue to conduct business. Our plans thus far include following CDC tips for preventing the spread of flu and Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our planning and ongoing efforts are focused on precautions to ensure we are protecting our team members and clients from contact with what could spread this disease. As such, we are:

  • Asking our teams to check with clients before continuing service to clients in areas noted by CDC as restricted areas or to clients who have indicated they are closing their facilities to outside personnel or visitors.
  • Monitoring CDC sites for the latest updates.
  • Enacting our business continuity plan, which allows our entire workforce to operate and continue servicing our clients, including making allowances for team members who have remote work capabilities to work remotely as needed.
  • Partnering with our facility management to ensure our offices are being appropriately sanitized, as well as establishing standards for employees entering and leaving our offices.
  • Restricting access to our facilities to employee only.
  • Communicating with our employees to ensure we are aware of current conditions and monitoring for any updates.

Executive Management in Grove City, Oh has a Response Team to guide our customer response and will lead our team of employees. This includes our customer service representatives handling incoming calls, medical records information specialists releasing patient records, and our records management team taking extra care of you. Further, our IT Departments and operation management teams are working hard to respond to your needs. Our goal is for you to have peace of mind knowing that our world-class group of employees has your best interest in mind.

Transparency is one of our core values, and we are committed to keeping you fully informed as the situation evolves. While we’re dedicated to providing you with the information needed to make informed decisions, we also understand the need for flexibility based on your individual circumstances. We know that in today’s world, information is a fundamental element to your business, which is why Fireproof will not at this time stop day-to-day operations.

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