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Fireproof understands that Information is the most important asset to an organizations success. Information needs to be effectively managed and proper policies and procedures need to deliver a strong governance background for information management. With over 100 years of experience, our information governance policies show customers that their business and personal information is managed legally and securely.

Quote from Lorne Sykora, Fireproof’s IT Manager:

"As the IT manager at Fireproof, I am in charge with not only providing excellent technology tools for our employees and customers, but to ensure those tools keep our customers information protected at every step. We follow the NIST security guidelines as the basis for our information governance and every year our IT process and controls are audited by a third party. The SOC II audit provides full attestation that we have taken every step to ensure our customers information is always available and secure. As these guidelines change we adapt our processes and technology to stay one step ahead."

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