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Workflow Design and Consultation Columbus OhioLooking for workflow management software for your Columbus, Ohio, business? FIREPROOF offers the best workflow management software solutions that can integrate seamlessly with a variety of common cloud-based systems.

Business process management tools and workflow software

FIREPROOF provides business process consulting and offers solutions to improve your organizational workflow. You’ll realize new levels of efficiency and productivity with our Work-Smart document solutions.

What is workflow software?

A workflow approach to managing a business process involves the tasks, procedural steps, input and output, people, and tools needed for each step in the business process; then analyzes the way that work passes from initiation to completion.

Why should I use FIREPROOF’s workflow software?

FIREPROOF’S workflow solution focuses mainly on documents and data. Your workflow is improved as less time is wasted working with paper-based information. Your organization saves money by decreasing the amount of time you spend organizing and filing paper documents.

How does workflow software work?

You can easily manage your documents through the entire process, from the initial inquiry to final delivery of your product or service. The workflow application tracks each of your employee’s actions thus eliminating errors and improving work assignment accountability. You can also eliminate bottlenecks with automated assignment decisions tailored to your business rules.

FIREPROOF operates out of five central Ohio locations, all strategically located to offer the best in protection for your company’s information.

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Benefits of FIREPROOF’s Work-Smart solutions include:


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