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Workflow Design and Consultation Columbus Ohio

FIREPROOF provides paperless office solutions that improve the organizational workflow in Columbus, OH and Central Ohio area businesses. Our work-smart mobile document access solutions not only create a paperless office, they also increase productivity and can integrate with the business software you use most.

In every business, time is money and paperless office solutions help you obtain new levels of efficiency. By decreasing the amount of time spent organizing, locating, and filing paper documents – not to mention the actual storage space required – you can become more efficient, eliminate errors, and improve accountability.

Your entire process, from start to completion, can be managed easily online. By converting your documents and other papers into digital form you make information sharing easier, keep personal information more secure, and help the environment.

With a paperless office, you can share files without a trip to the printer and easily move and store large files. Find out how you can increase your business process visibility and accountability while decreasing the overall completion time of your most labor and paper intensive business processes.

FIREPROOF operates out of five central Ohio locations, all strategically located to offer the best in protection for your company’s information. 

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Benefits of work-smart solutions include:

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