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FIREPROOF is a trusted partner in providing business solutions, such as email management, to Columbus, OH and Central Ohio area businesses. Manage email overload by responding to emails both better and faster. By increasing email efficiency you will accelerate and improve customer service.

Emails held in inboxes, sent folders, and deleted item folders may put your business risk and adversely impact the performance of email servers in the organizations.  

Avoid the risk of potential legal infringement in the event of litigation or investigations that require e-discovery and disclosure. With email management, you will be able to meet legal preservation requirements as each email is tracked and stored properly. Our system captures emails both created and received by employees.

Because your email server was not designed to act as a repository for large quantities of emails, your emails may slow down with your current system once it becomes overloaded. FIREPROOF’S customizable email management solution ensures that your emails won’t slow down your email server.

Protect your business from backlogs of unanswered customer emails by utilizing email classifications to manage content and access controls that can be applied to manage emails. Your employees will be able to manage high volumes of inbound emails and give superior service, no matter how busy you get!

FIREPROOF operates out of five central Ohio locations, all strategically located to offer the best in protection for your company’s information. 

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Benefits of work-smart solutions include:

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