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FIREPROOF is a trusted partner in providing business solutions, such as email archiving, to Columbus, OH and Central Ohio area businesses. Improve productivity and increase business efficiency by automatically archiving your email history to one central area.

Protect critical data, meet regulatory email standards, and index and provide quick, searchable access to archived messages with this automated process. With email archiving you are able to preserve and protect all inbound and outbound email messages as well as attachments. You can also capture email content either directly from the email application itself or during transport.

Add convenience by archiving and indexing your messages. You will be able to easily search emails to and from your contacts to simplify future searches. In addition, email backup and data preservation ensure that you can recover lost or accidentally deleted emails.

Preserve email data, protect intellectual property contained in business emails, and ease potential litigation or internal investigations with FIREPROOF’S email archiving solution. As a supervisor you will be able to monitor incoming and outgoing email content while ensuring that critical data meets retention and supervision requirements of applicable regulations.

FIREPROOF operates out of five central Ohio locations, all strategically located to offer the best in protection for your company’s information. 

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Benefits of work-smart solutions include:

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