Shred Your X-ray Films in Columbus, Ohio

Document Shredding

Shred x-ray films in Columbus, Ohio, within HIPAA compliance with Fireproof. Medical x-ray films, MRI films and radiography films are private and protected patient health information, therefore, they must be wiped out in a way that the information is destroyed permanently.

Fireproof will follow HIPAA's strict rules and regulations of handling and destroying x-rays and other medical records which contains sensitive information for businesses and individuals such as:

  • Health Plans
  • HMO's
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Health Care Providers
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Chriopractors
  • Urgent Care Centers

Fireproof ensures a proper disposal of your x-rays with either onsite or offsite destruction. With onsite shredding, we come to your office, medical center or hospital and securely shred your x-ray films right in front of you. With offsite shredding, we come and pick up your x-rays and other medical records, transport them back to our facility, and shred everything there.


Both onsite and offsite shred services result in a certificate of destruction upon completion. The certificate of destruction provides your business (physician, lab, etc.) documentation that a proper disposal of medical records has occurred.


When you need to shred x-ray films in Columbus, Ohio, within HIPAA compliance, call Fireproof. We can abide by and protect patient Protected Health Information (PHI) in the way that preserves the confidentiality of the information. We can even schedule pickups daily, weekly, or monthly. You can trust Fireproof for all your shredding needs!


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