Shred Your Research and Development (R&D) Information in Columbus, Ohio

Document Shredding

Protect your business and shred research and development (R&D) files and data. Your R&D information needs to be protected at all times, and Fireproof provides the shredding capability to keep your business secrets safe from competitors and the general public.

R&D is an expensive but necessary part of your company’s growth. One of the most popular ways for thieves to access personal company information is from garbage cans and recycle bins. Make sure to protect all of the hard work you’ve done, along with your valuable IP, by shredding important documents before disposing of them. Better yet, leave all of the work to us! Fireproof offers secure mobile shredding at your location.

Shred your R&D and Intellectual Property (IP) safely and securely in Columbus, Ohio


Upon completion of shredding your research documents, you will receive an official certificate stating that your information has been securely disposed of. The shredded paper is then 100% recycled, which supports a green office and environmentally-friendly initiatives.

Our professional shredding services are completed by NAID certified technicians. With shred-smart certified shredding and destruction services from Fireproof, you can be confident that your business is protected from the possibility of identity theft or unintentional disclosure of confidential information.

Fireproof provides secure shredding services for your sensitive data and we ensure that your information is safeguarded through the entire shredding and destruction process. From the moment you place your papers into a shred-smart receptacle to the time you receive your official Certificate of Destruction.

If your business is in Columbus, Ohio, Fireproof has a convenient location, local community shredding services, and mobile services that come to your office, to accommodate all your R&D document shredding needs.

For Research and Development (R&D) shredding in Columbus, Ohio, contact Fireproof today. 


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