Document ShreddingShred Your Proprietary Materials in Columbus, Ohio

You need to shred proprietary business information, and Fireproof helps Columbus, Ohio, businesses properly dispose of this sensitive information. Keep your trade secrets safe with secure mobile shredding or offsite destruction by NAID certified professionals.

Even though a company may require their employees to sign non-competition and proprietary information agreements, business owners need to make sure they are protected from potential information leaks on all levels.

If your company has a secret formula, process or method, make sure it’s protected by shredding all documents before disposing of them. Other items to shred items include your marketing plans and customer lists as these could be maliciously attained by competitors.

Shredding Means Security


After shredding your documents with Fireproof, you will receive an Official Certificate of Destruction. This gives you the peace of mind that your proprietary business information is indeed safely destroyed.


We can also provide you with a lockable receptacle or cabinet to keep your documents in between shred sessions. If your business has documents that need to be protected from the view of the general public, or even employees, Fireproof has the secure solution.

Shred Sensative Business Information

Fireproof can come to your business and shred your documents onsite or safely transport your items to our high-security facility to be shredded by our premium industrial-grade shredder.


Any trade secrets that give you an advantage over the competition needs to be destroyed securely. Just as you prohibit employees from disclosing sensitive proprietary information, you should also ensure that the related documents are destroyed correctly to protect your trade secrets.


Shred your proprietary trade secrets in Columbus, Ohio, with Fireproof.


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