Shred Your HR and Personnel Records in Columbus, Ohio

Document Shredding

Business owners must shred Human Resource (HR) employee paperwork and personnel records in Columbus, Ohio, to maintain a high-security environment in the office. Whether you have an HR department or you handle the HR-related duties, it’s important to destroy all employee documents properly.

Federal laws require employers to obtain and keep various forms of employment records. We don’t want to think of our employees as deceitful people who would steal this info; however, insider access to this sensitive data can lead to fraud and identity theft.

HR departments are required to retain and destroy personnel records in accordance with the company’s corporate policies on business records retention as well as federal and state laws governing records retention. Since identity fraud is a growing concern for businesses, make sure that you use a reputable company, like Fireproof, to shred your HR and personnel records in accordance with the rules.

Shred HR and Employee Personnel Records in Columbus, Ohio

  • Benefits plan and employee medical records
  • General employee personnel records
  • Performance and disciplinary records
  • Health and safety records
  • Application materials
  • I-9 forms

Fireproof provides secure employee document shredding services and we ensure that your information is safeguarded through the entire shredding and destruction process. From the moment you place your HR papers into a shred-smart receptacle to the time you receive your official Certificate of Destruction, you can be confident that your personnel records are in safe and reliable hands through the entire chain of custody.

If your business is in Columbus, Ohio, Fireproof has a convenient location, local community shredding services, and mobile services that come to your office, to accommodate all your human resource document shredding needs.

For HR and employee personnel records shredding in Columbus, Ohio, contact Fireproof today.


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