Document ShreddingShred Your Confidential Documents in Columbus, Ohio

Need to shred confidential documents? Whether you have business or personal documents, Fireproof provides the peace of mind that your items are shredded securely and easily. 

Document Shredding for Business


Confidential business information is extremely sensitive in nature and requires special handling to avoid potential fines, lawsuits, and unhappy clients. Because corporate data is at risk for security breaches, the privacy regulations have become increasingly more stringent.

It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, all businesses should destroy confidential documents to the utmost standards to prevent identity theft or the malicious sharing of their clients’ personal information. Fireproof provides certified document shredding and destruction services that are compliant with industry regulations.

Document Shredding for Individuals


Every time you crumple up and throw your personal documents in the trash can you are putting yourself at risk for identity theft. Trash actually goes through several steps on its way to a landfill; this means there are several opportunities for someone to get their hands on your disposed documents.  


Holding on to all of your personal documents starts to take up space. If you want to dispose of items such as investment records, bank statements, cancelled checks, pay stubs, ATM receipts, or credit card statements, you need to shred these confidential documents first! Fireproof has secure mobile shredding at our facility and also community “Shred Days” so you can conveniently bring your documents to a location near you and let our NAID certified team shred them securely.


When you need to shred your confidential documents in Columbus, Ohio, Fireproof can design a compliant and confidential document shredding program to fit your business needs. In addition, you can securely destroy your personal documents with confidence.


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