Photocopying and Printing

Photocopying is a great way for businesses to produce needed documents at an affordable cost. Using a standard printer to print numerous copies of documents is both time-consuming and expensive. Photocopying creates high-quality copies of papers without the cost of ink.

Benefits of Photocopying

  • Save on ink costs
  • Quickly reproduce documents
  • If your system crashes, you'll need hard copies

Chester Carlson, an arthritic patent attorney in New York, developed photocopying in the 20th century. He grew tired of the slow process of manual copies. He began experimenting with photoconductivity. Shortly thereafter, the photocopier was born.  

Photocopiers use xerography to create copies. This is a dry process using electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to transfer particles onto paper in the form of an image. It is a five-step process: charging, exposure, developing, transfer and fusing. Photocopying is widely popular in education, business and government.

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