Document scanning & management Columbus, Ohio

FIREPROOF provides document scanning solutions to businesses in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Your office space is at a premium, and boxes and file cabinets are inefficient methods for storing and managing frequently accessed documents and files.

Additionally, controlling the access to your sensitive documents and ensuring you have reliable back up are important issues that can’t be overlooked. Now you can convert paper documents to digital images for instant accessibility and reliability.

Document scanning with FIREPROOF provides:

  • Complete visibility and access to all your business records
  • Increase information agility and improve efficiency
  • Instant, reliable, and secure access to all your documents anytime, anywhere!

Document scanning increases security and compliance

With Scan-Smart document scanning you can increase document security and meet necessary information storage regulations, have a reliable and easily accessible copy of your important documents, and eliminate the need to take up valuable office space with stacks of boxes and clunky file cabinets.

Reduce costs by reducing paper with document scanning and management

From document preparation to system implementation, we can design a solution to reduce paper, reduce risk, and reduce the costs associated with traditional filing systems.

Convenient document scanning services onsite and offsite

Our document scanning specialists can scan and index your project at our state-of-the-art production facility, or our Scan-Smart experts can design an in-house scanning program to best suit the needs of your business.

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Document management for businesses:

Document management for attorneys, paralegals and law firms:

Benefits of FIREPROOF’s Scan-Smart document scanning and management

  • Instantly access and securely share scanned documents from a centralized onsite or online storage portal
  • Save time and money by decreasing the amount of time spent filing and retrieving paper files
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive office space required to store paper, files and boxes
  • Improve response time for information retrieval requests, internally and for your customers
  • Cloud-based software deployment eliminates the need for expensive equipment and large initial capital investments
  • Upload scanned document images directly from your networked desktop scanners or multi-functional copiers
  • Support paperless office and green office initiatives by decreasing the amount of paper in your office

Scanning Services

Document scanning software in Columbus, Ohio, is available from FIREPROOF. Whether day-forward scanning or large back file conversions, convert your paper documents faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively with our document scanning specialists. Contact us to get a no obligation quote for document scanning software. Call (614) 299-2122.