Fireproof provides eDiscovery solutions to businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area. If your business is ever involved in a government investigation or civil litigation dealing with the exchange of information in an electronic format, electronic information is considered different from paper information because of its intangible form, volume, transience and persistence.

Basically, eDiscovery is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a law suit or investigation.

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Includes:

Scanning Services
  • Emails
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Databases
  • Voicemail
  • Audio & Video Files
  • Social Media
  • Web Sites
  • Instant Messages
  • CAD/CAM Files

Electronic information is usually accompanied by metadata such as date and time stamps, author and recipient information, and file properties, which are not found in paper documents and can play an important part as evidence to forensic investigators.

Because of the large volume of electronic data produced and stored in businesses, the eDiscovery process can be very complex. Be proactive and make sure you eliminate any potential claims of tampering or spoiling of evidence by having a proper document storing system in place.

eDiscovery can be expensive so be prepared in advance. By implementing a records management program, Fireproof can help your business correctly manage information and records.

Contact Fireproof today to learn more about eDiscovery solutions for businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area.

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