Document Scanning 

Fireproof provides document scanning solutions to businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area. With intelligent scanning, frequently accessed documents are scanned and are immediately available while documents that are rarely accessed are not scanned until requested. This approach minimizes your conversion costs while still meeting all of your document access requirements.  

Going paperless can save your business time and money. You can upload imaged documents from your scanners, network-connected copiers, or fax machines from any location. This process instantly makes data accessible to authorized users anywhere.

Streamline your organization’s ability to store, access, and manage documents while reducing stress and overhead costs. Fireproof’s scanning solutions allows you to scan and digitize new information, convert existing documents to a digital format, and organized and archive your documents easily.

Maintaining paper files is expensive from a supply perspective, from printer maintenance to ink and storage space. Add on the labor costs associated with maintaining physical files and the amount can be staggering.

Scanning Services

Examples of Documents and Records

  • Medical Records
  • Student Records
  • Insurance Documents
  • Government Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Tax and Accounting Records
  • AP Invoices
  • HR Documents

Whether you are looking to improve personal productivity, departmental efficiency or enterprise document workflow, we make the transition from paper to electronic records smooth. Clear out those space-hogging file cabinets and move into the digital age with Fireproof’s scanning solutions.

Contact Fireproof today to learn more about document scanning solutions for businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area.

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Get a no obligation scan-smart document scanning services and scanning software quote now! Whether it’s day-forward scanning or large backfile conversion services, convert your paper documents more quickly, more accurately, and more cost-effectively by consulting the scan-smart document scanning specialists at FIREPROOF.