Document Indexing and Coding 

Fireproof provides document indexing and coding solutions to businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area. Catalog or index your documents so they can be easily retrieved, sorted, reviewed, or prioritized

Our indexing software provides easy search, scans checks, automatically recognizes and archives business cards, and converts image files into editable formats. Additional features include the ability to prioritize, classify and sort documents using bar codes, patch codes, bank pages and page number.

The real advantage of using document management software for your business is that you will be able to find documents quickly through document indexing. This is the process by which data stored in a document and data about the document itself is captured, thus making it searchable.

Two ways document data is made searchable:

  • By using full text indexing: Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or text extraction to capture text from within the document
  • by entering the metadata: Capturing details about the document under various fields and storing this data to help locate the document when needed. This is done by the document indexing software itself

By categorizing and indexing your documents, you save time in the future when you need to find a specific document again, especially when you need something urgently.

Fireproof offers a document management system that has the document indexing feature already built into it. This document indexing software allows you to index documents at the point of creation as well as later, so you are able to import pre-existing documents into your system.

Indexing a document may take a minute or two of your time upfront, but it can save you hours of your productive time down the road, often when you are hard pressed for it.

Contact Fireproof today to learn more about document indexing and coding for businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area.

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