Data Conversion Migration 

Fireproof provides data conversion and migration solutions to businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area. Using the latest technology to precisely image clients’ documents, we can turn your paper files into an electronic format for easy retrieval and the elimination of document-related expenses.

As an organization evolves, it often collects and stores data in various formats and across different systems. When the need arises to convert the data into other formats, data conversion could be a simple or complex task based on the type of conversion required.

Scanning Services

Data conversions and migrations may be performed for a number of reasons including:

  • Hardware or Software Upgrades
  • Business Expansions
  • Data Center Moves
  • Combining Multiple Systems
  • Normalization of Data

When planning for a data conversion or migration you should take the time to review your existing business processes, organizational policies and procedures, and security, to identify any areas that may be impacted by variances between the old and new systems.  

Implementing a new system is a large undertaking for any business. When moving data to a new system you must address any technical complexities, privacy concerns and business needs.  

Fireproof has had great success in extracting valuable business data from older business systems for conversion and migration to newer systems. Each data conversion and migration is unique and we are confident in our approach and our technologies to provide you with the results you expect.

Data migration is important for a system upgrade or consolidation. Our team can help convert and migrate documents and data from their original paper form or from an existing file system at any stage of the process.

Contact Fireproof today to learn more about data conversion and migration for businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, and the central Ohio area.

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