Server Backups

vault storageFireproof is glad to offer server backup solutions to the Columbus, Ohio area. Whether you are a business owner or home PC user, it is important to back up your data. You never know when it could be lost—if your data is lost without a backup, it is gone forever. Studies indicate more than half of all computer users will suffer data loss. Don’t make that mistake!

When first starting a backup, you need to have some concept of a data repository; this means the data needs to have some level of organization and storage. The last thing you want is a large collection of disorganized files and no chance of finding what you need. The data also needs be stored on a chosen data storage medium.

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  • Options available include:

  • Hard disk: A hard disk is a classic form of backup storage. Advantages include low access times, availability, capacity and ease of access. However, hard disks are easily damaged and, because of moving parts inside, stability over the years is unknown. Your hard disk might last a decade—or it might not.
  • Optical storage: Options include CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. These server backup solutions offer low costs at the expense of storage room and speed.
  • Solid state storage: Flash memory is a good option for small amounts of data. Thumb drives are inexpensive and might be your best option if you only have a few files to back up.
  • Remote backup service: Backing up to the Internet has become popular in recent years. When you do this, you protect against natural disasters and losing the physical drive or disc. However, internet connections are usually slower than other server backup options, and the user must trust the third party. 

Ultimately, there needs to be a balance between accessibility, security and cost when choosing how to back up your server. The best option for you or your company may not be the same as another person or company’s best option.

  • Online: Online backup storage is generally the most accessible, but it is expensive, and the files can accidentally be overwritten or deleted with ease.
  • Near-line: Near-line storage is not immediately accessible, but it is less expensive than online storage.
  • Off-line: Off-line storage requires direct human action to gain access to the storage media, such as plugging in a cable.
  • Off-site: Off-site storage does not have to be fancy. It can be as simple as having the backed-up files at a manager’s home office. Appropriate security measures will be required. These files remain at risk of being lost in a natural disaster.

Each individual or company will have to choose what information to back up. This is easier than said than done. If you back up too much data, it will be redundant, and the repository will quickly become full. But if you do not back up enough information, there could be a loss of critical information.

Fireproof is pleased to offer server backup solutions to the Columbus, Ohio area. We look forward to working to solve your server backup problems with you!

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