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vault storageYour information is your most important business asset. Network downtimes, system outages, and even environmental disasters can wreak havoc on any unprotected business. In the event of any type of disruption, it is imperative that you have access to your information so you can maintain continuous operations. This means protecting your business with a proven and comprehensive data recovery and data backup plan. FIREPROOF provides data protection, business continuity, disaster recovery, online backup, and offsite tape vaulting services throughout the Columbus, Ohio and Central Ohio areas to ensure your critical business data is safe, protected, and available when you need it most.

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Offsite Tape Vaulting

  • Offsite tape vaulting solutions include:

  • Storage solutions for tapes, cases, microfilm and temperature and humidity sensitive itemsOffsite Tape Vaulting Columbus Ohio
  • Slotted tapes, cartridges and media storage options.
  • Scheduled tape and case delivery, pickup, and rotation.
  • Secured, monitored, climate-controlled vaults.
  • Web accessible tracking and ordering.
  • Barcoded inventory control.
  • 24/7 rush, weekend, and holiday delivery.
  • Secure media destruction.
  • Disaster recovery support and planning.

How can I be confident that my business data is secure and available in the event of a disaster?

Whether it’s offsite storage of tapes, cartridges or cases in secure, monitored, environmentally controlled vaults or online backups of files, databases and servers, a good data backup plan should cover all of the bases. From automated system backup services to scheduled tape pickup and delivery, protect-smart data protection and data backup services can be tailored to address the needs of businesses of any size.

Advantages of protect-smart business continuity solutions:

  • Maintain operational business continuity and minimize risk of data loss with automatic server, desktop and laptop data backups with no IT intervention needed.
  • Easily recover system data, either through our online backup portal or physical data delivery, by any user, any time, reducing the need to use expensive IT resources.
  • Flexible daily, weekly, monthly or other scheduled backup tape and case rotation.
  • Web-based portal for administration of your network and for physical data delivery requests.
  • Employ a strict, trackable chain-of-custody for your computer tapes, cartridges and cases from the moment of pickup to the time they are safely delivered back to you.
  • Secure, redundant data centers built to ensure safety and reliability of your business information in the event of a network or system disruption.

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