Data Restoration

vault storageIt is important to understand the differences between data restoration and data recovery. In data restoration, the data is “brought back” from a backup source; in other words, the data has been backed up. In data recovery, there is no backup; the data has to be recovered from a corrupted drive. Data recovery is often required when a disk is physically damaged.  

The basic definition of data restoration is the process involving copying backup files from secondary storage to a hard disk. This restoration might be performed to return data to its original condition if the files are damaged. The restoration can also be used to copy or move data to a new location.

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There are several things to consider when it comes to data restoration:
  • Testing the process: You need to make sure the restoration actually works before you neet it. Running a few tests to be 100% sure of the process' effectiveness is crucial.
  • Complexity of the backup process: As a general rule, the simpler the backup process, the simpler the recovery process. A long backup process will require a long restoration process. Take into consideration how quickly you'd need to access the restored data.
  • Regularity of backups: The more frequent your backups, the more recent any restored data will be, and the quicker you can get back to work.

Fireproof is excited to offer data restoration services to its clients. We look forward to discussing them with you soon!

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