Data Recovery

vault storageFireproof offers data recovery services for the Columbus, Ohio area. Data recovery is something that inevitably will be needed by every person or business at some point. You never know when a hard drive will get damaged or when files will get corrupted.

Data recovery is exactly what it sounds like: the process of recovering inaccessible data from corrupted drives. Whenever a disk sustains physical damage, there will almost always be some data loss. A common scenario for this involves an operating system failure, malfunction of a storage device or accidental damage.

If a disk is damaged, work needs to be done to first take the readable information off the disk. Once this happens, the information can be analyzed for logical damage. This step will possibly allow most of the original files to be reconstructed. There are cases of logical damage, where there is not an error in the hardware; these situations require software-level solutions.

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  • There are four phases of data recovery:

  • Repair the hard disk drive: it is vital to get the hard disk drive running in some form. 
  • Image the drive to a new drive or a disk image file: when a hard drive fails, the importance of getting data off the drive is the top priority.
  • Logical recovery of files, partition, MBR and MFT: after the drive has been cloned to a new drive, it is suitable to attempt the retrieval of lost data.
  • Repair damaged files that were retrieved: corrupted documents can be recovered by several software methods or by manually reconstructing the document using a hex editor.

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