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vault storageCloud backup, sometimes called remote backup service, is a great way to back up your personal or business files online. Online backup systems are typically scheduled to run when the computers aren’t being used. Remote backup services have become increasingly popular over the years, but this type of storage has actually been around since 1987.

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There are a handful of important characteristics you should look for in a cloud backup service:
  • Service-based: Make sure your data is accessible! Don't sign up for online backup unless you have a guarantee your data is recoverable whenever it is required
  • Ubiquitous access: The locations where your data is stored need to be accessible at all times, for all locations
  • Elasticity: Storage capacity should be adjustable; if you need more or less, you should be able to get it.
  • Shared and secure: No one except you should have access to your data. Likewise, you shouldn't have access to anyone else's data.

The following features typically come with cloud backup services:

  • Encryption: Data should be encrypted before it is sent across the internet and it should be stored in this encrypted state
  • Continuous backup: The backup service should be able to operate continuously or on a regular schedule.
  • Data compression: Data will usually be compressed to use less bandwidth 

For businesses, the following features might be included with remote backup services:

  • Bulk restore: This allows for businesses to restore from a portable storage device if a full restore over the internet would be time-consuming
  • Centralized management console: With this feature, an IT department staff member can monitor backups

How much will all this cost? It depends! Here are some of the cost-drivers for cloud backup:

  • Total amount of data being backed up
  • Number of machines covered
  • Maximum number of versions of each file that are backed up
  • Features selected

Some of the advantages of cloud backup include unlimited storage and its secure nature. However, there are a few disadvantages. Your restoration could be slow if you don’t have enough bandwidth. If the encryption password is lost, data recovery will be impossible.

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