MAX Backup & data protection Columbus, Ohio

Cloud-based protection from MAX Backup is available in Columbus, Ohio, from FIREPROOF. When you’re looking for the best automatic and secure way to ensure all the data and devices your business relies on are protected and available to you anytime, anywhere and at an affordable price, MAX Backup is the solution for you.

You can't manage your company’s data if you can't protect it

Modern data protection is an overwhelming sea of hardware and software. The status quo is patching one complex solution over another, leaving you to rely on only outdated processes and updated buzz words. It’s the business outcome that matters.

How do you know if your data is protected if something happens?

With MAX Backup, your most important data is automatically backed up and stored in a world-class data center. Devices, such as workstations, can be backed up as well, to ensure you can get your business back up and running should a virus hit, a computer crash or even a disaster strike.

How is cloud-based data backup secure?

Because it’s in the cloud, your backups are always available no matter where you are. Everything backed up is encrypted, so you can rest assured it’s secure and only accessible by you.

How much does it cost for backup recovery?

All of this is available at an affordable monthly cost based on the amount of storage your business requires and only grows as your company does.

Advantages of using MAX Backup for data recovery

Protect and manage with MAXimum confidence. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with MAX Backup and data protection.

  • It’s reliable - ultrafast backup and easy restore
  • It’s a hybrid - so you recover from the fastest location, either onsite or from the cloud, giving you the best of both worlds
  • It works - regardless of the business environment, it’s easily managed through the cloud
  • It’s fast - data is backed up in minutes, instead of hours
  • It’s powerful - you can recover anything, anywhere, anytime

For backup solutions and data protection, contact the experts at FIREPROOF for a no-obligation MAX Backup demo now at 614.299.2122 to learn how your business can benefit from secure, scalable and flexible data protection solutions.