Secure offsite document storage Columbus, Ohio

For over 100 years, FIREPROOF has been providing offsite storage, data protection, and records management services to Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Secure, protect, and manage your valuable business records with our smart and affordable storage solutions.

Find out if you’re storing documents securely

Are you making the grade? Find out if your business documents are being stored securely and within compliancy regulations. Get your records management assessment.

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FIREPROOF provides secure offsite record and file storage for:

    Records Management Columbus Ohio
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Title and Real Estate
  • Historical/Vital
  • Financial
  • Personnel
  • Litigation
  • Contracts
  • Company Policy and Procedures

How do I protect my business records and information?

Your information is the fuel that drives your business and smart information management is critical to how your business operates. As your volume of records and document storage increases, safe, secure, and reliable information management becomes more important than ever.

With Archive-Smart, you’ll receive secure offsite records storage and information management solutions designed to maximize your business potential and minimize your storage costs.

With FIREPROOF’s offsite document storage you can:

  • Maximize office space while having free web access to critical information 24/7/365
  • Reduce storage costs and control access to your confidential and sensitive information
  • Provide physical security for your vital business records and protect against environmental damage or theft
  • Get expert consultation from experienced RIM professionals who can establish a retention schedule for how long to store, and when and how to properly dispose of your records

Not only can we store your important business records, we can index and catalog information, pack physical documents in cartons for pickup and delivery, track document and data deliveries, and safely destroy confidential documents you no longer need.

Get secure offsite document storage in Columbus, Ohio, with FIREPROOF. Our document management experts can show you how to increase security and compliance while reducing records management costs and risk. Contact us to get a no obligation quote for offsite records management, (614) 299-2122.